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Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls

1.0 Get Familiar With the Organs

  1. 1929 Wurlitzer Band Organ Catalog Original text and illustrations.
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2.0 Videos

  1. Videos, Wurlitzer Band Organ 125 Style Rolls. View and listen to restored organs using 125 Rolls.
  2. Videos, Wurlitzer Band Organ 150 Style Rolls. View and listen to restored organs using 150 Rolls.
  3. Videos, Wurlitzer Band Organ 165 Style Rolls. View and listen to restored organs using 165 Rolls.
  4. Videos, Wurlitzer Caliola. View and listen to Wurlitzer Caliola.

3.0 Music from Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls

  1. Wurlitzer Music Player. Continuously Play All The Wurlitzer Music.
A Style 125 Band Organ

3.1 How The Music Below was Produced

This music has been produced from original midi files made from scanned Wurlitzer 125 and 150 paper rolls. As Wurlitzer paper rolls do not contain the full information necessary for playing correctly unless used on a real organ, I have added the omitted information using musical instruments with sounds similar to those of a real Organ. For details see How to Play Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls.

This music is in mp3 and ogg formats, both are good quality audio. This can be only a sample of the available Wurlitzer 125 and 150 rolls, there are well over 250 more.

The Wurlitzer Music Roll labels are not genuine.

3.2 The Music

3.2.1 Music from Wurlitzer 125 Rolls

Wurlitzer 125 Rolls. Played on a Style 125 Band Organ
1. Roll 3143 Marches
Play the Music
  1. Kaiser Frederick
  2. Bulgarian March
  3. Royal Trumpeter
  4. El Capitan
  5. Under the Double Eagle
  6. Officer of the Day
  7. Our Director
2. Roll 3151 Waltzes
Play the Music
  1. On The Beautiful Blue Danube
  2. Over The Waves
  3. Wedding Of The Winds
  4. Estudiantina
  5. Dream of Heaven
  6. Faust Waltz
  7. The Skaters Waltz
  8. Waves Of The Danube
3. Roll 3248 Mixture
Play the Music
  1. Clarinet Polka
  2. Chicken Reel
  3. Beer Barrel Polka
  4. She's Too Fat for Me
  5. The High School Cadets March
  6. Down the Line

3.2.2 Music from Wurlitzer 150 Rolls (Updated and Improved November 2013)

The style 150 paper rolls require different processing and different instrumentation to the 125 rolls. For details see "Playing Wurlitzer 150 Style Rolls" in the technical reference above. Music from Wurlitzer 150 Rolls with fully activated controls

This music has been computer processed from original scanned Wurlitzer Rolls and is played on a fully instrumented Wurlitzer Style 153 Band Organ which has automatically operated Bells, Stops and Shutters. This adds interest to the music resulting in a greatly improved sound.

A Style 153 Band Organ
Wurlitzer 150 Rolls. Played on a Style 153 Band Organ
1. Roll 13147
"Special Skating Roll"

Play the Music
  1. The Charlatan March
  2. Love's Dream
  3. Boots And Saddles
  4. Dream Waltz
  5. Circus Life
  6. Dove Of Peace
  7. The Bonnie Briar Bush
  8. Heart's Haven (Op. 273)
  9. The Black Horse Troop
  10. Charming
1. Roll 14300
(= Roll 13300 + Roll 13308)

Play the Music
  1. Clarinet Polka
  2. Sophia Polka
  3. Beer Barrel Polka
  4. Hosia Suisia Polka
  5. Bride and Groom Polka
  6. One More Waltz
  7. Metro Polka
  8. Let Us Be Gay Polka
  9. Hop Scotch Polka
  10. Szta Jerek Waltz
  11. Too Fat Polka
  12. Our Kosciuszko March

3.2.3 Music from Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls

None available at present.

4.0 Wurlitzer Caliola Music produced from 65 Note Piano Rolls

A Caliola was designed to be played either manually using its built in keyboard or automatically using 65 note piano rolls.

A Caliola
Wurlitzer Caliola Music.
1. Selection 1
Play the Music
  1. Black and White Rag
  2. The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
  3. Yale Varsity
  4. Baltimore Centennial March
  5. King Cotton March
  6. Liebestraum
  7. Southern Stars Overture
  8. Manhattan Beach March
  9. Silver Threads Among The Gold
2. Selection 2
Play the Music
  1. Yale Two-Step
  2. Yale College Life
  3. Grizzly Bear Rag
  4. Two Step Selections No 9
  5. Dockstader Rag
  6. La Traviata Fantasie


5.0 Wurlitzer Band Organ e-Roll Archive

This archive contains e-Rolls of Wurlitzer Band Organ music. These rolls are for archival purposes and are not directly playable unless you have a suitable e-valved band organ.

Wurlitzer Band Organ e-Roll Archive