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Wurlitzer Band Organ e-Roll Archive

This is an archive of Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls in e-Roll format. It does not contain any music which is immediately playable on a standard midi player.

All of these e-Rolls are constant tempo with webbing removed which makes them ideal for producing playable music using nothing more than a filter, a standard midi editor and a lot of time and knowledge.

If you plan to make the music sound like a band organ then the following filters and information are essential.

  1. Filters Filter package, includes filters fw125e-p.rpl and fw150e-p.rpl
  2. How to use midi to Play Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls Detailed information.
  3. 1929 Wurlitzer Band Organ Catalog Details of organs and pipes.
  4. Summary table, 1929 Wurlitzer Band Organ Catalog Summary for comparing organs and pipes.
  5. Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar Technical Details.
  6. Wurlitzer 150 Tracker Bar Technical Details.
  7. Midi Specification Standard Midi File Format. Appendices are useful.

Style 125

Examples of restored e-Rolls. These are the rolls which have been instrumented on this site.

Use filter fw125e-p.rpl prior to editing to make them playable on a standard midi player.

Roll 3143 w125roll3143e.zip Marches
Roll 3151 w125roll3151e.zip Waltzes
Roll 3248 w125roll3248e.zip Mixture

Style 150

Use filter fw150e-p.rpl prior to editing to make them playable on a standard midi player.

Roll 13036** w150roll13036e.zip "Patriotic Roll".
Roll 13107** w150roll13107e.zip "Special Southern Roll".
Roll 13119 w150roll13119e.zip "Old Time Standard Songs In Waltz Tempo".
Roll 13130 w150roll13130e.zip "Waltz Roll".
Roll 13147 w150roll13147e.zip "Special Skating Roll".
Roll 13151 w150roll13151e.zip "Broadway's Best".
Roll 13173** w150roll13173e.zip "Waltz Roll".
Roll 13174** w150roll13174e.zip "Waltz Roll".
Roll 13175** w150roll13175e.zip "Standard Waltz Roll".
Roll 13236 w150roll13236e.zip Waltz and Fox Trot.
Roll 13238** w150roll13238e.zip "Length of 10-piece roll".
Roll 13242 w150roll13242e.zip Marches.
Roll 13244 w150roll13244e.zip Waltz and Fox Trot.
Roll 13255 w150roll13255e.zip Fox Trot and Waltz.
Roll 13275** w150roll13275e.zip Fox Trots and Waltz.
Roll 13282** w150roll13282e.zip Fox Trots and Waltz.
Roll 13295 w150roll13295e.zip "Christmas Roll".
Roll 13400** w150roll13400e.zip Various.
Roll 14300 w150roll14300e.zip Rolls 13300 and "Polish Roll" 13308 Combined.

** Since I have so far been unable to obtain the .CIS files for rolls marked ** I have restored them from available material. Unfortunately most of the controls have been lost but Wurlitzer controls are fairly predictable and given time could be restored even without the .CIS files.
The other rolls have all the original controls.

Style 165

None available, but w150 e-rolls can be converted to play on suitably equipped w165 organs using the filter package above.