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Midi, Piano Roll and Wurlitzer Technical Information

Technical Articles

  1. Wurlitzer Paper Music Roll Scanning How Wurlitzer midi files are made.
  2. Midi Specification Standard Midi File Format.
  3. Playing Speed of Piano Rolls Discussion.
  4. How to Play Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls Detailed information.
  5. Summary table, 1929 Wurlitzer Band Organ Catalog Organs using 125 and 150 style rolls.
  6. Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar Technical Details.
  7. Wurlitzer 150 Tracker Bar Technical Details.
  8. Wurlitzer 165 Tracker Bar Technical details
  9. Wurlitzer Caliola Tracker Bar Technical details.
  10. Internet Protocols An Introduction to the Internet.